Water Heater Maintenance

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As with much of your plumbing system, your water heater requires regular maintenance. Annual maintenance ensures long term operation and prevents unexpected problems. Proactive homeowners in Las Vegas rely on Anytime Plumbing for all of their water heater maintenance needs. We are committed to delivering fast, accurate service for your peace of mind. Our water heater specialists work on all types of systems, including gas, electric, solar, and hybrid systems.

What to Expect

​Professional maintenance is a thorough service that checks the health of your system as well as looks out for potential problems. It is the most accurate way to avoid and prevent costly breakdowns.

Pressure valve checks - The temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve) is inspected to make sure it is working properly. A problem with your T&P valve can exert too much pressure on your water heater tank and cause it to burst.

Tank flush - Sediment and minerals can build up in your water heater tank, leading to decreased efficiency and clogged lines. Annual tank flushing helps you avoid these problems.

Leak checks - Where your water heater is leaking can mean the difference between repair or full system replacement. We will check for the source of the leak. If the leak is coming from the water connections or the T&P valve, we can easily repair the problem. If we find leaking around the bottom of the tank, this signals a corroded tank and you will need to replace your water heater to avoid a sudden tank burst.

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